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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if have to repair or replace the locks on my windows?

Our trusted residential locksmith at We will assess your windows to see what you need to secure your windows, and either repair or replace your locks. If we determine that you need your window lock installationed, we will work with you to select the right replacement locks for your windows.

Locks that don't function or work properly make your home vulnerable to burglars.

How long does the entire window lock installation process take?

The repair process can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, however, the time needed to repair or replace your window locks can vary based on the type of windows you have and the condition of the existing locks. As a result, our locksmiths will assess the needs of your windows before determining which action to take.

If your locks can be repaired, our locksmiths start working right away. Single-hung windows take longer to repair.

However, the length of the repair process often depends heavily on the type of windows you have.

Because single-hung windows have only one moving part, the assessment is often more time-consuming in addition to replacement or repair.

This is generally why double-hung windows are easier to repair.

Fortunately, you don't need to make any additional changes to your windows unless you want to change the lock you are using to create more security than the original one had.

However, it's best to stick with the same type of lock, unless you are changing the style of window.

Will the window lock installation process cause any cosmetic damage?

Rest assured that the repair process won't cause any cosmetic damage to your home or to your existing windows. The repair or replacement process focuses on the locks and creating the highest level of security possible for your windows.

It's generally best to stick with the same locks, however.

Different locks are commonly installed when you change the types of windows in your home. Not all locks work for all windows.

Will I need to replace my whole window?

As a general rule of thumb, you should ideally use the same type of locks unless you decide to change the type of window you have during the window lock installation process.

A change in the type of windows in your home dictates the need to use locks that are suitable for those types of windows.

Will the window lock installation process scratch my window?

Unfortunately, not all windows can utilize all locks.

The window must complement the style of lock.

However, window lock installation should be entrusted to mobile locksmiths that have the knowledge and experience to do the job right. A mobile locksmith has the ability to perform all the necessary actions to restore security to your windows without causing any damage.

our locksmiths will take a look at the type of windows you have before they determine which window locks will work best for your current windows.

A window lock installation will not require you to replace your entire window.

This will help our locksmiths determine which locks will work best with your windows.

If you want to ensure that your home is secure you can't neglect your windows.

Window locks in poor condition create security vulnerabilities.

This is why window locks are crucial when it comes to the security and protection of your home.

Your home's security should include the windows, doors, and garage doors, just as it should include any other possible points of entry.

Although window locks may seem minimally important to the security of your home, nothing could be further from the truth. Window locks are crucial when it comes to protecting your home and keeping it secure.

They provide security and protection for your home by limiting or preventing the unwelcome entry of burglars. However, many of us think of home security in terms of solid front doors and garage doors, but windows shouldn't be overlooked because they are a point of entry as well.

However, it's important to understand that secure windows are essential to the security of our homes.

Trust one of our locksmiths to get the job done right.

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  • Window lock changes
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The windows are often the most vulnerable places in your home when they are not secured properly.

An unstable window can grant the perfect entry for uninvited guests like burglars. This is why the proper safety measures should be taken to ensure that your windows are secure by using the best locks for the types of windows in your home.

Entrust us with the security of your windows. Give us a call.

Increasing window security in your home: Window security options

Double hung window, casement windows, and sliding windows are compatible with a wide variety of different locks. These locks secure a window and some even allow a window to be slightly open to allow a breeze but still maintain the security of the window by preventing it from being opened further.

Although many of these window locks make allowance for a small opening they still provide security. They do this by preventing the window from being forced open all the way.

These are some of the popular window locks suited for many styles of windows.

Pin locks- These locks work by sliding a pin into the window frame or casing that attaches one window sash to the other. Keyed locks- Keyed locks provide the highest level of security for window locks because they require a key for the window to be opened.

These locks are some of the most difficult to force open because a key is required before the window can be opened. Sliding locks- Sliding windows have locks that secure a window on both sides.

The lock attaches in a position where each window frame can lock into place.

Sliding windows can be less secure than other types of windows because they can be easily lifted off the track.

Sliding locks- Sliding windows lock on both sides and secure the window frame in place.

The same approach is recommended for homes with sliding doors.

If you have these types of windows it is recommended that you keep a bar or rod in the track to keep it from being forced open.

This type of lock allows a window to be latched closed with a fixture that secures one window to another.

This type of lock is standard on several kinds of windows.

This type of lock allows you to latch a window closed by using a fixture that attaches one window to another and is a standard type of lock for several kinds of windows.

However, this locking mechanism allows the window to be open to a certain point but no further, preventing it from being forced open all the way.

Key track stop- These locks prevent any movement on a window track.

They are typically used with windows that have a track like sliding windows or standard windows.

Home security systems and window locks:

The security of your home should include all possible points of entry.

This includes your windows.

In fact, a comprehensive security plan for your home will integrate your windows into your home's security system.

You can do this by installing sensors that are hooked to the alarm system.

Sensors are often magnets connected to the window and window casing that alert the system when the two are detached.

Security systems with window monitoring provide a variety of different options for tracking the movement of windows.

The options can range from notifying you when a window is open or to warning the system when a window pane is broken.

If you attach any of these alerts to an alarm that sounds it will deter theft for your home.

Syncing these notifications with your smartphone will assure that you are notified quickly when any movement in and around your home occurs.

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We can also make recommendations for increased security by discussing the benefits of alarm systems, window security bars, or keyed lock installation.

Our residential locksmith have all the equipment they need to complete any task at any time.

They can lock installation locks, make new keys, and install and repair locks.

They can also remove broken key pieces, and fix lock problems with your vehicle.

We should also add that we offer home and office security assessments.

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We grant full access to all of our expert advice. When it comes to security for windows, our professionals have years of experience, and they'd love to make your home as safe and secure as possible.

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